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Introduction I grew up the oldest of 5 kids, pretty happy with my life. I was a very intense gymnast and then when I quit, I grew taller and gained weight. I used to have a very competitive body, and I began struggling with the way I looked. For 5 years I dieted and rigorously exercised, watching my weight go up and down along with my happiness. I got married during my senior year of college and hoped my husband would solve all my problems. I figured that if he loved the way I looked, I would too. Well, he realized I had a problem and convinced me to take a class with him that was offered at our college (BYU Provo) called "Body Image, Self Esteem and Weight Loss" taught by Dr. Stephen Hawks. That class changed my life and I give credit to Dr. Hawks for many of the ideas I will share on this blog. That one class alone was worth my entire college tuition. I ended the dieting war and have consistently weighed the same healthy weight for 5 years without even thinking about it. I finished my college experience with a Bachelor's Degree in Fitness and Wellness, along with a burning desire to help other girls who may be struggling to feel the joy that comes from loving who you are!