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Occupation Creative Loafing
Location The Glorious, South, United States
Introduction i am but mad north-northwest. when the wind is southerly, i know a hawk from a handsaw.
Interests sunlight, water, love, feathers, Vermeer, bone, flash, glamour, French verbs, old things, lightning, Bellocq, silent films, the scents of bread and rain, rivers, smooth stones, twisted vines, splashing in puddles, bookshops, cardigans, tea, Grandmothers' jewelry, architecture, haiku, mixed media art, Durer, glass, dirt, growing things I can eat, polite/edgy discourse, Old Louisiana, plantations, peaches in the summer, trees with blue bottles and antique silver ware, al fresco dining, empty books, Greece, finding my "roots", gypsies, scribbling, copper patina, spinning with my arms out, Mucha, Prague, le nosferatu, wearing stripes, hammocking, smiling at strangers, expensive stationary, calligraphy, typewriters, muscadines, homemade wine, jazz instead of television, old gentlemen, tiny works of art, masquerades, pretty skeins of yarn

Your hand has been replaced by a rubber stamp. What does it say?

No./Why? The word I can't quite manage to say often enough to save me from getting involved in stupid things PLUS my favorite word in the whole world...it invites a story, it forges bonds, it keeps you young. Gotta love "why."