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Gender MALE
Location Manchester, United Kingdom
Introduction I'm Andy, hence the name. I'm originally from Radcliffe, which is why I just tell people I'm from Manchester. I am a struggling artist, but instead of working the room at parties, I work in an office wearing a tie. Bang goes the illusion of glamour. I regularly talk in my sleep and occasionally sleepwalk. I wish I was better at playing the guitar, but at least I can move my ears. I am an exciting blend of contradictions. I am everything you want to be, and less. I am far less interesting than I sound here. Click here for a brief introduction into the wild and glamorous (!) world of Andy Vine.
Interests I like the finer things in life, you know, guitar feedback, tea and kicking stones all the way home, but that's quite difficult. I don't like double buggies, the phrase "the wow factor" and being lazy. I'm just so used to it that it's getting difficult to break the habit.
Favorite Movies Big films, small films, clever films, stupid films, long films, short films, shiny films, dirty films... wait, that's not what I meant
Favorite Music Bands with punctuation in their name, bands who split up after two albums, some others.
Favorite Books Sometimes with pictures, sometimes without. I'm easy.