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Location Huntsville, Alabama
Introduction I'm really not a complex person. I love life. I love to laugh at it. I laugh at awkward situations during awkward times which usually cause more awkwardness. I like to people watch. I love to decorate and garden and be out in the sunshine. I love my squishies and enjoy being surrounded by them (my kids, kitty, plants and flowers,cute figurines that do nothing). I'm not a people person and never really have been. I love dark chocolate and junk tv. Farts are entertaining. I'm extremely immature, and enjoy those that can be immature with me, because when we all get down to it, we only are given one grand tour of this place, and I'd hate to know that I spent my whole life like a tight ass who couldn't relax and let one rip once in awhile. I take what life throws at me and make something cool out of it, and I treasure everyone and everything that is apart of it. I'm blessed beyond words and I Thank God every night. And I'm friggin proud as hell to be an American. Fo shizzle.
Interests Gardening, decorating, thrift stores, garage sales, loving and adoring squishies of all sorts, laughing at life
Favorite Music System of a Down, Chevelle, Pink, Billy Joel, Elton John, Beatles, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Stevie Nicks, Radiohead, Janis Joplin
Favorite Books Nora Roberts, Mauve Binchy novels