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Occupation She calls me Tea
Location Olive Branch, MS, United States
Favorite Movies •Comedy genre: Dum and Dummer, •Drama genre: Sense and Sensibility, •Docudrama genre: March of the Penguins, •Disney-cartoon genre: The Little Mermaid (makes me cry every time!), •Cult-following genre: Pulp Fiction, •Action genre: Terminator-films, •Terminator-genre: T3 for the crane scene · T2 for the comedy · the first for killing-off Kyle before the sequel •Movie-that-I-regret-watching genre: There Will Be Blood (serves me right for watching anything that won an Oscar), •Movie-with-my-name-in-it genre: Carla-the-movie (although Connie-and-Carla is a close second), •Best wreck scene: Final Destination 2, •Best shootout scene: Rambo (the last one), •Best way to ruin a film: Cast Julia Roberts in it, •Second-best thumbs down: Anything starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan BLECH!
Favorite Music •R&B genre: EW&F, •C&W genre: Garth, Screamo-genre: Linkin Park, •Big Band genre: Lawrence Welk polka and that kickass accordion player on his show, •Hymn genre: My something-something Lord and King (from Aunt Patsy's ordination), •Metal genre: 7d, •7d genre: Face to Face, •Metallica-genre: Prince Charming, •Tool-genre: 46 and 2, •Least-favorite genre: Blues (in spite of being from Mississippi), •Inarguably the greatest composer of all time: JSB
Favorite Books TCTIR, ... and it's no wonder so many folks identify with Holden Caulfield