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Occupation Stay at home mom
Location Reading, MI, United States
Introduction What would you like to know? I graduated from high school in the Spring of 1990 and took a few college classes before getting married and starting a family. I have been married twice; my first marriage ended in divorce, and my second is going strong. I have two children from my first marriage and two from my second. I am a recent candidate for staying at home - I worked outside the home for 17 years before being able to stay home with my family. I love it! My former co-workers are amazed, and some days I am too, that I haven't gone crazy! I love learning new things and have varied interests... sometimes my head feels like it's spinning from all the stuff I cram into it!
Interests My kids, My husband, My family, My friends, Crochet, Music, Good stories, Cooking, Photography, Spirituality, Limited Government, Making the world a better place
Favorite Music Rock 'n Roll, Classic Rock, a tiny bit of country, some Heavy Metal, Classical, Easy Listening, Sappy love songs, and Russian pop/opera singer Vitas
Favorite Books The Earth's Children Series by Jean Auel, The Coldfire Trilogy by C.S. Friedman, The Sue Grafton alphabet novels, The Monk series, and the Dresden Files

You have a red jar of cedar chips. Why do moths miss the forest?

The forest forgets to leave the light on for them.