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Introduction The AFCMA had its origin in Brunei,1958 at the 8th World Congress of FIAMC whereby a decision to form an Asian Federation was mooted. The objective of the AFCMA is to coordinate the efforts of the various Catholic Medical Associations in the study and spread of Catholic Principles throughout the medical profession and to encourage the development of Catholic Medical Associations in all Asian Countries. The members of the General Council of the AFCMA are: President:Prof. Dr Kwang-Ho Meng (Korea); Vice Presidents: Dr Buichi Ishijima (Japan), Sister(Dr) Mary Ann Lou (Taiwan), Dr Peter Au-Yeung (Hong Kong), Dr Chong Khin Yam (Malaysia); Medical Missions Committe:Dr John Lee (S'pore)Bioethics Committee: Dr Ian Snodgrass (S'pore). Ecclesiastical advisor:Rev Fr Henriques Hygino SJ;Regional Representatives for FIAMC:Dr. John Lee,(S'pore),Dr. Freddie Loh,(Malaysia);Secretariat:Dept.of Radiology,The Catholic Univ. of Korea College of Medicine, 505 Banpo-Dong,Socho-Ku, Seoul 137-701,Korea.Tel:822-590-1584, E-mail:
Interests Medical Bioethics