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Occupation Personal Chef
Introduction I am a true foodie. My husband Joe is always amazed that while enjoying a meal I'm discussing & planning the next meal. My three boys, Jack, Chris, & Ryan are pleased about my love of cooking and especially baking, they're always available to be "taste testers." I have a small catering business and I love to teach others different cooking and baking techniques. I avoid processed foods (although I am not above frozen pizzas now and then!) and love to share recipes that anyone can be successful making. I also think that the key to healthy eating is a little planning and cooking larger quantities for the freezer to be enjoyed at a later date. I've come up with a pantry list of staples every cook aspiring cook should have on hand. Past baking experience include a cookie business that I created, owned and operated for three years. Hobbies: cooking, baking, gardening, & bird watching