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Occupation I do stuff
Location Sydney, NSW, Australia
Introduction My name is Emma Jane. I like music and photography and writing. I like cuddles and holding hands. I like pretty things. I'm silly. emotional. a dreamer. i'm a hopeless romantic. i'm one of the girls. i'm one of the boys. i'm just me.
Interests music, photography, writing, and many more.
Favorite Movies I'm a sucker for a Molly Ringwald film. I love movies like Eternal Sunshine, anything Tim Burton, silly comedies, 500 Days of Summer, movies with quirky and real stories. Not a fan of the generic 'Hollywood' type movie.
Favorite Music I love so many different bands that it's impossible to list them all. I tend to lean towards punk/hardcore/metal or pretty music with lots of guitars.
Favorite Books I adore crime novels, but I love reading in general. As long as it has an interesting plot or story (non-fiction included) then I'm down.

Unlike a dog, how can a turtle ever be naked?

well. noone really knows what goes on inside a turtles shell. so you'd have to ask a turtle that!