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Introduction I grew to doubt my parents' Christian beliefs when my family read the Bible cover to cover, several times. As a teenaged girl, I was especially horrified by the way most religions treated women. (And this was long before the feminist movement.) Frequently, I have been disappointed by people who claim to be religious, yet have behaved in unethical ways. I came to the conclusion that all religions cannot be true, but they can all be false. Today, I consider myself a freethinker. I base my beliefs on reason, not faith. I pull my life philosophies from many sources. Certainly a few come from religious origins. Others come from sources as varied as Confucius, Thomas Jefferson, Bertrand Russell, and Mark Twain.
Interests world religions, history, literature, art, world cultures, nature, writing, sociology, politics, film, religion, atheism, agnosticism, secular humanism, skepticism, nonbelief, nonbelievers