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Occupation Life Coach
Location East Coast, United States
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Introduction I’ve spent most of my life straddling the line between what I am expected to do and what I want for myself. I have always held a deep desire to be connected with others and help them do more than dream the impossible dream. I graduated college, got married, had two children and bought a home. That’s what people do. But, in my striving to do my best and exceed expectations, I had lost track of who I was. Immersed in the many roles I played-wife, mother, friend, daughter, confidant, leader, entrepreneur, adventurer and more- I lost part of my excitement and joy. I realize as we plod along, it is too easy to lose track of our dreams. The most important lessons I have learned include: You must believe in yourself before others will. Your mindset is your greatest asset. You achieve what you believe---good or bad. People respond to the messages you send out. If you don’t like what you are attracting, change your message. Life is a series of choices, defined only by your sense of reality.