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Occupation writing
Location Wouldn't you like to know., California, United States
Introduction Spilt Milk is a place where confessions go when they die. It's the place where the candles never get blown out. Where the stocking is worshiped and the heel of the foot is adored. The cradle of old flames and new tastings. This is my collection of erotica. Old, new and blue. Bon appetite.
Interests Sock Garters, a sense of humor, those who wear glasses, big hands, boys and girls that read books, typewriters, bite marks, pomegranates, back-seams and brunettes, lolitas, musicians, being a whore and getting away with it, sometimes blondes, maybe red, control, bindings, neckties, champagne, smoke, softness, cellos, white powder, sometimes kissing, your cock in my mouth, sweet nothings, writers, wine and a twist of absinthe.
Favorite Movies Y Tu' Mama Tambien, Henry and June, Betty Blue and Secretary.
Favorite Music French Accordion, IDM and strings.
Favorite Books Little Birds. The Story of the Eye. On the Road. Naked Lunch. Quiet Days in Cliche.