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Location Harare, Zimbabwe
Introduction I am a Zimbabwean who grew up in one of the semi-arid, infertile and overcrowded tribal trust lands that successive White (Pink) Rhodesian racist governments had pushed Black natives into for over a century. I support the taking back of our land from these settler invaders. I support the current efforts to indegenize Zimbabwe's economy. I have no tolerance for Morgan Tsvangirai, who i am convinced is a low IQ, semi-literate, unkempt thug, with a gross inferiority complex when dealing with whites and an exaggerated slave mentality that makes him a puppet to Number 10 Downing Street and the White House. He is a stupid uncle tom who cant tell his right from his left but has been elevated by his white (Pink) masters for being willing to play 'horse and rider' games in which Zimbabwe is the horse.