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Occupation Jewelry designer & qualified master goldsmith / jewelry maker.
Location Netherlands
Introduction Life is about moments.
Create them,
don't wait for them.
Interests Further occupations: lived and worked several years in the Caribbean. Designed and made new jewelry lines which are still highly in vogue and produced all over Europe nowadays. Was in competition with Rolex in Geneva and Cartier in Paris for a special, unique watch-design for Kuwait. After two years I won the competition race and produced gold and platinum watches in a small, specialized watch-workshop in Geneva for Kuwait. Restored and rebuilt in The Netherlands a large medieval Dutch farmhouse in authentic style ( did all the carpentry and bricklaying with my own hands and did courses to learn ), worked during 4 years as a final corrector of the French, German and English language for a professional translation bureau in Amsterdam, was appraiser of houses and real estate for 2 years and a personal assistant for a disabled pharmacist during more than 12 years, exactly like the African PA in the French movie Intouchables. Never had a dull moment.....oh, I almost forgot: I moved (relocated) 20 times in my life up till now. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hobbies and interests: music, drawings, paintings, sculptures, art history, architecture, mineralogy, foreign languages and text writing. Played as an oboist in a symphony orchestra, Was a voluntary secretary of a large town district council for 4 years. Flew in ultralights and as a licensed pilot small single- and twin-engine airplanes. Driving my Fiat124 Spider convertible preferably to France and Italy. Love Indonesian, Thai and North-African cooking and eating. Skilful with computers for more than 30 years, built several web sites among others for a for a worldwide Fiat 124 Spider community, for a Russian female piano player living in the Netherlands and the Italian car designer Tom Tjaarda asked me to build a website for him. See Tjaarda's request in MY GUESTBOOK at this blog.
Favorite Movies Movie directors: Lars von Trier, Claude Sautet, Nicholas Ray, Milos Forman, Luchino Visconti, Stanley Kubrick, Agnes Varda, Gabriel Axel, Yimou Zhang, Sam Peckinpah, Nicolas Roeg, Ang Lee and many others.
Favorite Music Music was my first love and music will be my last !
Favorite Books Several bookcases filled up with art-, painting-, art-history- and cooking books.