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Introduction My dream is to one day work for the WWE, so I hope you enjoy because I love to write and watch wrestling. The reason that it is called WWEStrikesBack is because people tend to mock wrestling as being fake. Sure the results are predetermined and the action in the ring is choreographed, BUT that does not mean that what they do in the ring doesn't hurt - it DOES. You can seriously injure yourself and others if you practice these wrestling maneuvers without the proper LICENSED training. As @MATTHARDYBRAND said on the Hardy Show - Wrestling is about entertainment and team work - feeding from the crowds. Wrestling is for us! My blog is like Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back... because the WWE Strikes Back with a vengeance in WWEStrikesBack! Blog. So check out WWEStrikesBack Blog and hopefully over time it will grow with the support of the WWE Universe and Bloggers alike. Oh, and don't forget to LEAVE COMMENTS!!!!