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Industry Internet
Occupation Entrepreneur
Location Levittown, PA, United States
Introduction I was diagnosed with a severe case of Multiple Sclerosis in October of 1996. Doctors gave me no hope for my condition to improve. During my own battle with Multiple Sclerosis, I have been able to find Alternative and Natural ways that reduced my symptoms of MS. Doctors have verified through Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) tests that from a neurological point of view – I’m getting better! Because I was able to find ways that help me to find relief to the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and help to start to reverse the effects of MS, I have made it my mission to help other people, who have also been diagnosed with MS, to do what I can to help them find relief too! I love encouraging other people with Multiple Sclerosis or any other sickness not to give up, because no matter what the doctors tell you, there is still hope for your condition to improve, since there are other options available that can help you to find relief! Even though I am not a doctor, I want you to know that there are ways, which have been used for MS and helped, that can help you too to find relief from MS and reverse the effects of Multiple Sclerosis!
Interests Improving Health, Organic Gardening, Music, Computers, Horses, Plants, Reading, Love learning new things, Exercise, Swimming, Teaching children, Helping others to improve their health.
Favorite Movies Awakenings, Second Chances, Dr. Who, Patch Adams, Beetoven, Flicka, Second Chances
Favorite Music a broad range of music including music from several categories Oldies, Klesmer, some Rock and Roll, classical music, some Jazz, Klezmer and others.
Favorite Books I read large amounts of books on a broad range of topics including Health, Dietary changes, How the body works, Exercises, Vitamins, Herbs, any kind of science, computers, horses, dogs and other animals, organic gardening, plants, nature, puzzles, and others.