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Gender MALE
Industry Education
Occupation Science Education Consultant
Location Miami, Fl, United States
Introduction My brothers and I used to cuddle up beside our father before bed, listening to the imaginative tales he'd create on the spot. As a child, I could think of no better way to preserve those moments than by jotting down his stories. I strove to capture the tone and details of each one. Eventually, this ritual birthed in me a desire to produce my own fiction. I probably would have pursued a degree in literature, but despite my father's creativity he encouraged me otherwise. Most of what I know about writing I learned the hard way. Fortunately, I've encountered great motivators along the way, including my dad's brother who is both an author and editor. Though I pursued a career in Biology, the art of writing has always been my not-so-secret lover. I graduated from Florida International University with a degree in Biology and a minor in Religious Studies. I served as an Einstein Fellow at the National Science Foundation and prior to that worked as science department director of a private school where I taught Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Currently, I am pursuing a Ph.D. in science education with a focus on career-choice and network theory.
Interests I have many interests. Certainly, writing tops the list, but I have always considered myself a reader first and a writer second. Finding time to do all of the things that I love can get difficult. Like all night owls, I tend to work best in the afternoons or evenings, but that time typically belongs to family. These days I'm learning to write whenever the opportunity arises. I have many hobbies. I enjoy learning. I enjoy science. I enjoy good discussions, funny jokes and laughter. I especially enjoy playing music (bass guitar), which I do as a kind of music mercenary.
Favorite Movies Used to be the Harry Potter films, though I must candidly confess 'Pitch Perfect' may now beat those by a narrow margin.
Favorite Music Anything with James Taylor, Steve Gadd, Steve Jordan, or John Mayer. Pop keeps my attention, as well, and unlike many in my city, I actually enjoy Country music. Whatever the genre, I love music with beautiful melodies and lyrics that reflect the heart of man and our human yearn for Wholeness.
Favorite Books I cannot even come close to forming a favorites list for this section because there are so many, but I'll mention a few. Certainly, the Bible has had great influence on me. After that, the writings of the late Michael Crichton. He awoke a passion in me to apply scientific knowledge to my fiction. I have also deeply enjoyed C.S. Lewis' works, including the Chronicles of Narnia. In my youth, Stephen King dominated my reading list. J.K. Rowling has shown me that literary geniuses still exist. Of course, the classics are always very important to read, enjoy, and study. My favorite of the older writers is Dostoyevsky. These days I flutter from one YA novel to the next, looking for the one that speaks to my thirteen-year-old self.

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

The same way I pronounce the 'g' in geography.