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Introduction Abbe Cohen Dvornik happily juggles a weekly vegetable farmshare (when vegetables grow in the Northeast, anyway), a monthly meat CSA, and spent a summer with 20 weeks of a "CSF" for just-caught whole fish. While I love eating the tasty responsibly grown local stuff, I can also can spend hours staring into market aisles at food that traveled here from halfway around the world, that my neighbors who moved here from halfway around the world can't live without. And then I usually walk out with a bag full of 5 things I didn't need, and one that I sort of did. My kids know what vegetables like kale and collards are, nibble on raw beets, and love it when I make home cured corned beef tongue. (It's just like corned beef brisket, only from a much cheaper cut of meat!) But they also have quirks like refusing to eat stews, pasta with any kind sauce, or on occasion, any meals at all other than yogurt or fish crackers.