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Occupation Registered Nurse
Location Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
Introduction I am an ex-democrat. In my unenlightened past, I voted for Clinton both times. I have since learned that there is little that the government can do for me that I couldn't do myself and be better off. I'm married to an incredible man. The smartest and most up-standing, honest person I have ever met. It was a great move from the verbally abusive asshole that I'm ashamed to have married first. I have cats. By choice, I have no children, and thus I have carefully avoided becoming pregnant. If I were to become pregnant, there is no possibility that I would murder our child. I have the capacity to love even those who enter my life unplanned. I have been a registered nurse for >15 years with experience in cardiology, post-op recovery, intensive care, and obstetrics. I love my family, friends,and pets. I love learning. I love helping women deliver their babies. Above all, I love freedom. I am a conservative. I usually vote Republican, but that is beginning to seem futile as many republican candidates are not conserving our constitution. I vote Libertarian when I can.
Interests I love music, movies, and school. My main academic interests are history and anthropology.
Favorite Movies To many to count, and I won't remember to keep the list current.
Favorite Music To many to count, and I won't remember to keep the list current.
Favorite Books 1984, Animal Farm, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The Fair Tax Book, The Red Tent, Ender's Game, The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Restaurant at the end of the Universe, Life the Universe and Everything, A Tale of Two Cities.

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