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Gender Male
Industry Marketing
Location Salt Lake City-ish, Utah, United States
Introduction I'm happily married with two great children.

After my family, my favorite things in life are Denver sports (especially the Broncos and Rockies) and irony. I love talking about the former, and always feel compelled to point out the latter.

I am also Mormon. I am always happy to have healthy conversations regarding LDS culture and doctrine. And by "healthy," I mean mutually-consistent expectations. In other words, you make it clear that you don't have any intentions to convert (unless, of course, you are actually interested in converting), and you provide me with the same courtesy. Throw in a little mutual civility and respect, and off we go!

I try to only express opinions I can defend. I do not pretend to know everything about the gospel. Thus, my beliefs are anything but static. My belief structure has been built brick-by-brick, through a lifetime of prayer and contemplation. I am honestly as proud of it as I am of anything in my life. So, while I may sound irreverent at times, I love the gospel, and most LDS people.

For an explanation of the purpose of my blog, you can find it here.