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Introduction An awakened person who is no longer a Muslim and will help anyone understand the reality of this total chaos and mafia that exists in name of Islam but in reality it is a syndicate of fear, coercion, forced use of violence and sword to subjugate all people by few thousand White Arabs who live without working after starting this multi level marketing of Mohammad's version of religion. You follow it with your own risk. A Muslim who claim to be Muslim but does not know his/her history and Islamic story in full is not a Muslim but a dhimmi, a zombie who is being used to fulfill scheme of plunder, abuse and loot in name of "religion" but it is not a religion but a disguised organization of Religion to subjugate, enslave and destroy the civil societies. Awake your self and wake up others before it is too late. Do not worry where you live how you live with whom you live. Just decide in your heart that you are free and you are free to choose and live and lead your truthful life. Do not live a sinful life practicing Islam which is no way to god nor a genuine religious practice.
Interests Liberty, freedom to choose faith and live freely from enslaving religions