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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation KILL US D:
Location !, !, Chile
Introduction •~ I’m your Fucking Toy , I’m your Sugar Boy~• … WELCOME (or not) I’m Eben Jarring AKA Satou JoeL , I’m living In Afta. Chile D: . I am AGELESS BOY *yeah boy* . I like play with make up , but anyway , i don’t cosider myself into one Style , i just make what i want , being influenced by Goths , 80s , Horror , Drags and lots of other stuff . Like : make up , music , japan , 80’s , to draw/paint , to write , take pictures , drags , horror , gore , zombies , styles , androgyny , to sing , etc etc etc HATE: people , stupid Rules, school , animal abuse and mostly society C: I’m NOT straight or gay or bi or WHATEVERsexual , feelings are more important than genres for me anyway i DON’T really like datting … I really love music , but i couldn’t say bands , cause i like a lot of different kinds of music , mostly goth , trip hop , industrial , darkwave and new wave bands . Music , voices , are the biggest influence in me so i try to be as good as them , these people that i listen and i love. and i think that’s it , i dont really know what else to write about me but you can ask anyway … 砂糖 Satou Satú
Favorite Music Velvet Eden, sawDUST in me, Despair, BLAM HONEY, The Candy Spooky Theater, Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows, XA-VAT, Fear Cult, Art Marju Duchain, Sada Project, Eve of Destiny, Crystal Castles, Jeffree Star, Guniw Tools, drop, Noir du'Soleil, Nymphis, Kalmia, Schwarz Stein, Klaus Nomi, Amy Winehouse, Közi, RuPaul, Hole, toxic strawberry, R E M N A N T, Deadman, Lady Gaga, P∞L, Spectrum-X, Nicki Minaj, Johnny Hollow, goatbed, Zwecklos, Christian Death, E-Typ, Placebo, Jack Riot, Culture Club, Manta Raya, Portishead, Seremedy, SaTaN, Kilhi+Ice, Dead Or Alive, DEMONOID 13, Cradle Of Filth, BAAL, rubyDUST in me, Moi dix Mois.