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Gender Female
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Introduction i'm alyssa: a sometimes neurotic. highly energetic. and adventurous 28 year old. based out of minneapolis. i like to place periods. where they do not belong. at the moment. i work. for a great organization. helping people. i quit. my previous job. for many reasons. an overbearing employer. a high stress environment. and ultimately to chase my dreams. and pursue my passions. i bike. i run. i rock climb. i ski. i travel. i speak other languages. i can knit. circles around you. my hair color. and length. frequently changes. red. blond. brown. i am a self-professed nerd. my favorite color is. orange. i am a string cheese. and documentary. addict. you will usually. find me watching weird. medical shows. involving subjects. such as. parasitic twins. i can make the grumpiest of people. crack a smile. try me.