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Location lancaster, NH, United States
Introduction Author of "Common Genius" -- a brief history of how common people built the prosperity of free nations, and how the intelligentsias usurp control and bring on decline -- go to: Just published the sequel--"Wasted Genius," How IQ and SAT tests are Hurting Our Children and Crippling America. An analysis of how our schools and colleges are adding the the intellectual morons who make up the New Ruling Class. See
Interests Sailing, farming, drinking, family, dogs -- see our wooden schooner at
Favorite Movies Casablanca, Men in Black
Favorite Music Shearing, Buffett, Mozart
Favorite Books Hammond Innes, Conrad, Sowell, De Soto, Chesterton

Why is it that new and young free nations achieve vibrant success, but when they grow and become affluent, and their citizenry are better educated, more sophisticated and much more enlightened, it is then that the society starts to decline ?