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Location Dallas/Little Rock/Los Angeles
Introduction We hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do and make as many memories because of them as we have!
Interests We love the beautiful Magnolia trees in Mom and Dad's backyard, big family holidays, the Baptist church, the Dallas Cowboys, charmingly personalized stationery, Clark Gable (or should I say Rhett), our dogs (Heidi, Happy, Pinky, and Chuck), The Oaklawn Jockey Club, mimosas, martinis, all of our cousins, outdoor living rooms, ceiling fans, complaining about Southern stereotypes, complaining about the people who make the stereotypes true, Southern Living - the magazine AND the cookbooks, Ole Miss, and lastly but with great reverence . . . Neiman Marcus. Yes, we adore the many people and pastimes listed above, but one preoccupation stands out above all others as the chief interest of the Gregory Family . . . food. We love to eat, talk about eating, plan the next meal while eating the current one, cook for family, cook for friends, cook for funerals, cook for holidays, talk to our friends about what they are making for any of the above situations, talk about how full we are, and of course, talk about how we couldn't possibly have room for dessert while licking the spoon we just used to make the brownies. As the blog name implies, we have become somewhat known for our ways and wiles in the kitchen. Most of what we do well in the kitchen has a Southern flair to it, but we find that our food, like all great food, translates well and can be appreciated no matter where you live.