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Industry Arts
Introduction I just don't know.
Interests AD&D 1st Edition, AFMG, All for Me Grog RPG, archery, art, astronomy, Backswords & Bucklers, bagpipes, Basic/Expert D&D, Basic Role-Playing, BBC, bebop, bicycles, bicycling, big band, birdwatching, blues, board games, books, Britain, Buddhism, bushido, cafes, calligraphy, card games, cartooning, Celtic art, Celtic culture, Celtic folk music, Celtic history, Celtic religion, Celts, chivalry, cigars, classical music, classical studies, coffee, Columbus Blue Jackets, cool jazz, Cornwall, D6 System, daikaiju, DCC RPG, DCI, Drum Corps International, dice games, dictionaries, dixieland, drawing, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Dunhill, Empire of the Petal Throne, England, fantasy, fencing, fiddles, film noir, flowers, fountain pens, France, Fudge RPG, games, Gamma World, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters RPG, Great Lakes, Habs, hard bop, hard-boiled fiction, Harn, history, hockey, Ireland, Japan, jazz, kaiju, kites, kyudo, Labyrinth Lord, les habitants, lettering, lexicography, lexicology, libraries, literature, Mazes & Minotaurs, MCC RPG, Metamorphosis Alpha, MG automobiles, military history, Montreal Canadiens, museums, music, Mutant Future, mythology, NaNoWriMo, nature, neckties, New Orleans jazz, Ninja Burger, OD&D, OED, Ohio, old radio shows, Oxford English Dictionary, painting, philosophy, photography, Pictland, pipe tobacco, pipes, Pits & Perils, pocketwatches, poetry, poker, public radio, public television, Punch & Judy, puppetry, ragtime, reading, reference books, retro-futurism, Risus, Risus RPG, robots, rock paper scissors, role-playing games, RPGs, satire, science, science fiction, Scotland, sculpting, Shakespeare, Sherpa RPG, silent movies, space exploration, sumi-e, swashbuckling, Swords & Wizardry White Box, tea, Tekumel, theatre, third stream, tiddlywinks, tokusatsu, Traveller RPG, trees, Tunnels & Trolls, violins, Wales, war games, web design, whiskey, whisky, wine, writing, Zen, Zen Buddhism, Zippo lighters
Favorite Music classical, jazz, blues, bluegrass, folk, rock, marching music
Favorite Books Oxford English Dictionary, The Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works, The Dictionary of Modern English Usage, The Use and Abuse of the English Language, Les fleurs du mal, The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide, Star Fleet Technical Manual