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Introduction Welcome to Election Diary, a blog written for anyone who has an interest in the behind-the-scenes work of election administration. In creating this, it’s easiest to start by pointing out what this blog isn’t: 1. It’s not political. This isn’t a place to get opinions about candidates, parties, who will win, or who should win any election. I led an office in Johnson County, Kansas, that managed the steps for elections, ran a federal government agency focused on election administration, and now oversee state election administration activities. This blog is about what goes into preparing for elections. In not being political in the purest sense, the blog does evoke, for lack of a better phrase, the corporate politics of putting on an election. The blog will have a point of view at times, but not about candidates, parties, or measures.. 2. It’s not about the presidential election only. Many think election officials only work a couple days a year—that’s sort of the point of this blog, to explain what we do on the other days. 3. Nothing on this site should be considered as the position of any entity other than my own personal views..