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Introduction Human Condition...while we journey this thing called life, we meet people that will teach us lesson, leave an impression, sometimes a dent..but all with purpose. Sometimes we may never know what the purpose is - but rest assured, there is one. All things make us and shape us to be who we are meant to be. HOW we become that person - good or bad is our choice. We can let lifes lessons shape us to be negative horrible people or we can choose to be OK... Write your own story rather than be a commercial in someone's horror flick. Life is short - make it what you want it to be. You are the only thing holding you back.
Interests Camping, Geology, Astronomy, Botany, Gardening, Hiking, Skating, Biking, Boating, Kayaking, Being with my grand daughter and daughters/son in law..nieces and their families, and friends.
Favorite Movies Series: Manifest, Good Witch, Sweet Magnolia, Virgin River, LA's finest, No tomorrow, Sex/Life, Dead to Me, Travelers, and so many others
Favorite Music Anything meditative. So many artists, mostly new. NOT an 80's fan. That music was completely ruined for me. So much music I will never listen to again. DONT make memories to music!
Favorite Books Apologies that never came by Pierre Alex Jeanty, Heal. Love. Grow: words to help.., Really moving on: Healthy ways to let go, Ashes of her love, Reflections of a Man, Raise Your Vibration, Power of Now, Him, Her. Sparking her own flame, To the women I once loved, Tears of Broken Hearts, Unspoken feelings of a Gentleman...just to name a few.

Why are you here? Just to judge me? Take my inventory? Nosey? Jealous? Oh wait, you wanna know what its like to be me...right. Hahahah.. Save it for someone who cares - clearly I don't.