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Introduction Years ago a few friends and I made the conscious decision to go back and watch the first highlander movie. We were very excited for the entire week leading up to our movie night. We purchased beer and food in preparation for this awesome masculine movie night. The stage was set for an incredible film experience. We popped in the DVD and kicked back to watch what we remembered being THE BEST MOVIE EVER. Except it wasn't. About 20 minutes in we gave up, turned off the sound, and did our own voice overs. While an effective temporary distraction, it only entertained us for a short while. We turned off the DVD player and sat in silence, mourning the loss of a childhood memory. To this day, when any of us re-watches a movie, it's either AWESOME or A HIGHLANDER. This blog is to document my journey through the films of my youth - to see what holds up, and what should have stayed just a memory.