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Introduction What I am, is beyond most people imagination. Don't assume anything about me. Very private & shy. Very selective about friends. Dislike conformity. Can't tolerate fools, idiots or bores. Prefer intelligent & creative minds. Dull topics turn me off. Not easily impress. Hate answering personal questions. If I reply to anything, it may not be what it seems. I have a rather runaway imaginative mind. About My Blog: People kept asking why I didn't update my blog daily. My blog is more of a photo blog than a diary. No photo, no write. Unlike others who write about trivial daily stuff, I only blog when significant events happen in my life, matters I want to remember or my interests & hobbies. Blogging takes up time, need inspiration or mood. I want my blog to be interesting, not mundane rubbish. If I don't have the time, inspiration or mood to blog, I'll just leave it. Because of my blogging habits, recent entries may be events that happened some time ago. My blog is more of an archive of happy memories for recalling or to learn from as I mature. So, I blog by my own time & pace, for my own pleasure, not for others.
Interests Snorkeling, Ice-Skate, Kpop - Favourite artist - BoA, H.O.T (disbanded), Art - Don't ask me what, coz I'm still exploring, Photography - Shoot anything I fancy... mostly nonsense & of course I love nice pixs of myself, Gashapon & Completed Figures - of Japanese anime characters & dragons, Sleeping - Hah! I'm a pig at it!
Favorite Movies No particular favourite.
Favorite Music Kpop, Oldies & some other nonsense.