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Location Alabama, United States
Introduction Hi, I am Gypsy, Gypsysquaw (YouTube) or Gaia Windwalker if you like. Gypsy is the name I chose for my user name. My pagan name is Gaia Windwalker chosen for me after years of searching. My birth name is Mary. You may call me either. I was born on a Harvest Moon, in Waco, Tx. I have three grown children and nine grandchildren and one great grandchild. I love animals of all kinds especially cats. I take in strays and find homes for them, I seem to draw animals to me. I believe our Earth is the most precious thing Humans have going for them.Love her and she will love you back. I believe in right and wrong. Mostly, I believe in the right to believe in whatever we choose to believe as long as no harm comes from it. This one function is a choice given to us by the great Creator, by whatever name he/she is called by.When we lose the freedom to believe we lose our humanity.
Interests Family, animals, gardening, candle and soap making, reading, greenliving.
Favorite Music Old rock, disco, alternative, some classic, country.
Favorite Books Discovery