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Occupation Stay @ home mom & voice actor
Location Canada
Introduction Being a stay @ home Mom & part-time voice actor has provided me with the time & opportunity to really focus on keeping things simple and doing them myself. Having to rely on pretty much a single income, budgeting for birthday parties, wardrobe, travel...have been imperative to our financial survival. It hasn't been without its' sacrifices and yes we carry a debt (I'm not the best example of how to live debt free) but it's all worth it in the long run. Holding on to my family values, standards and going back to the basics where the Jones' don't belong have been not just a goal but a necessity. I hope you enjoy my blogs and that they can help out in some way. And please send me any of your ideas so that I may adopt them myself!!! It's all about sharing. And as they and Oprah say: "Love is in the details". Details don't require money, just consideration and planning.
Interests My kids, hubby, extended family, acting, music, travel (cheap), bargain shopping, running errands.
Favorite Movies The Princess Bride, The Station Agent, Bridesmaids, The Usual Suspects...
Favorite Music Ben Folds, anything Celtic...