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Introduction Well, i like the posers, and kittens and like, the way you can totally add like to sentences, over and over and over so they come out really long and then your bookreport reaches the stupid 1000word limit. stuffi don't like - ABBA! ABBA! ABBA! my totally un733t mother is like totally into them and always playing dancingqueen which is the unawsomst song, like, EVER! she's such trash when it comes to music, and she's so, y'know, totally in my face all the time about homework and shit, and it's just so stoopid! like anyone ever needs homeec, anyway, 'cuz you can always just like run down to the mall and hang out and eat burger king all day. ugh, she's so freaked up all thetime. just totally un733t, so like, i guess i hate my mom. i like poop too. the word, i mean, dummy, 'cuz cleo p says its a palindrome and i don't what that is but she said it so it must be totally, like cool and 733t andshit. POOP, POOP, POOP!
Interests the posers like, duh! and tony i totally like tony, this weird teenage dirtbag kid in school, he's so awsomly into the posers, so we hang out together 24/7 and cover their songs, i always have to be cleo p, 'cuz i'm the girl so its kind of boring, 'cuz i really want tohaveago at playing air arm, i know i could totally do it but tony won't let me, and its not like you can just play arm without accompaniment, like y'know, that would just like look y'know STUPID!
Favorite Movies MEAN GIRLS, BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD DO AMRICA, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER the movie, but, not the totally unawsome series!
Favorite Music uh, maybe, THE POSERS, doofus. and totally, like SPINAL TAP, they're freaking awsom too.
Favorite Books there's this book, like, that's so totally writeen by cleo p, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and like, duh! two ps and her name is like cleo p, so big clue there! everyon else says it writeen by this like, jane austen chick but not me no way, cleo p every day!

Your pajamas have duckies on them. Why did you switch from choo-choos?

dumb ass,both stupid. i sleep nude with a picture of alexandernicepuppy.i mean like who doesn't, if they're like totally 733t? duckies=lameass losers!