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Introduction Bastard Brainchild Of A Bastard Son. Genderless, faceless, and utterly tasteless. A fiction, a fragment, an errant tangent.
Interests books, chlorophyl, dashboard protectors, food, mohegan sun, pictures of the sun, solar radiation, rainbows, sex, skin cancer, snow blindness, solar eclipses, solar flares, solar panels, staring at the sun, sun brewed tea, sun burns, sun dried food, sun glasses, sun microsystems, sun rises, sun screen, sun showers, sun spots, sun-kist oranges and sodas, sunny d, sunny dispositions, sunsets, sunshine, tequila sun rises, ultra violet rays, heliocentric orbit, old people who use the name Sonny earnestly, slapping people who say the word "son" all the time, basking in the sunshine of your love, sunning my fanny, sunny summer Sunday afternoons where you ride with the top down until the top blows right off your car.
Favorite Movies 70s porn. The worse the dialogue the better.
Favorite Music Children crying. Because they're saying what I'm thinking.
Favorite Books The hollow ones that hold stuff. Like my bible with the built in flask.

You laughed so hard you can't catch your breath. Stick out your tongue and show us what's funny:

I'll show you what's funny! Me suffocating! You piece of shit, this isn't a comedy routine here. I can not breathe. I really cannot emphasize that enough, I can NOT BREATHE! See my fucking tongue turning purple! It's sticking out of my mouth because it's swollen and it's got nowhere else to go. Make yourself useful and call a goddamned ambulance for fuck's sake! (THIS IS A JOKE)