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Gender Female
Industry Tourism
Location Bordighera, Italy
Introduction It’s no exaggeration to say that we now live in an environment that’s the exact opposite of the one human beings were originally programmed for. Our ancestors’ primary focus was finding and preparing their next meal (we are still wired) . We’ve carried that focus into a world awash with brilliant Italian cuisine: Liguria, think of mouthwatering pasta dishes, olive oil, excellent wines, desserts…….We can all enjoy this and so we should do as in order to stay healthy we require both good food and good wine. We shouldn't forget to also walk whenever we can, take moderate exercise, sleep well (around 8 hrs), and snack on things like nuts and seeds…..aren’t we lucky here? It’s a lifestyle choice to be in a good shape. We don’t have to go and collect wood in the forests nowadays, but instead we can take advantage of Europe’s longest bike path or walk on roads built by the Romans. It’s all here – so come with us!