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Gender MALE
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Location United States
Introduction "Political and religious thought are so organically related that each is but the form of the other. Political thought is the religious idea applied to the state and the conduct of its public affairs, while religious thought is but our view of the polity of the universe, and man's relation to it. It follows that as man thinks in the one field he comes to think also in the other." -Fairburn in Galloway, 1898

RightFaith addresses issues relevant to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness from a distinctly Christian perspective.

The name, RightFaith, is politically and religiously defining. The author is politically right of center, supports traditional values, and believes that there is indeed a correct, right faith.

Interests Family, politics, faith, education, Christian, Christianity, Bible, Jesus, God, Friends, News
Favorite Books William Bennett's "America; the last best hope"