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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Wife, Mother, Friend
Introduction This is where I can write without having to feel like I need to censor myself. If it's too much for you to handle then pretend you never found it. If you're still here after that fair warning then you should know I'm a stay at home wife and mom of two boys but that doesn't define who I am completely. I have a teenager and a toddler so you'll never know what to expect me to write about. I love most any type of music and reality TV. Truth be told, I sometimes feel like I'm still a kid myself so there will be pouting and occasional swearing. This isn't the typical mommy blog. I admit to ignoring the cat hair and spilled milk with absolutely no shame at all!
Interests The usual, drinking, whoring and gambling...just kidding...but only a little. Oh, I also love music, reading a good book, chick flick movies, surfing the internet, dancing like a fool with my children and annoying my husband. I have the most fun with that last one. I'm a realty tv junkie and I'm on an exercise kick right now.
Favorite Movies Grease, Gone with the Wind, Slums of Beverly Hills, Almost Famous, Usual Suspects...there are too many to mention.
Favorite Music Five for Fighting, Mariah Carey, Cher, George Strait, Eagles, Nickelback, Black Crowes, Donna Summer, Elton John, The Beatles...I like a wide variety.
Favorite Books When Rabbit Howls, Scarlett, Leaves of Grass, Little Women, User ID, AA Big Book (just kidding, I quit that last one!) I'm into the Wicked series right now. Read Twilight series and while it was pretty good I personally think it is overrated. I like Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Wiener and Libba Bray's series she did.

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