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Gender Male
Location Norman, OK, United States
Introduction I am a man past middle age that has spent 25 years of my live whoring out my services to a manufacturing facility in exchange for money and insurance. It's not the best of situations, but it certainly isn't the worst. I have the best wife in all the world, as well as the best sons, so the life of a prostitute was for them, and well worth it. I want the whoring to end, because it's whoring, but when it does it means there's not much time left in this one little spark of life that I have been bequeathed. As with all things associated with whoring, it has both good and bad points. I have some artistic talent, some ability to write, and do neither hardly at all. My own fault, I know. That's been the case my whole life. Too bad, right?
Interests Stoner/Fuzz/Desert rock, writing, art, English Premier League soccer, Arsenal FC, Crossfit, Books, Movies, Naturalism
Favorite Movies Not movies. Television. Where the real talent resides. As evidenced by Firefly, Breaking Bad, and The Wire. Serenity was a great finale for Firefly.
Favorite Music Sasquatch, Freedom Hawk, Kyuss, Firestone, Droids Attack, Egypt
Favorite Books Ender's Game