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Gender MALE
Occupation dilettante
Location Bel-Ridge, Missouri
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Introduction For practical theology, as defined as a anti-intellectual Protestant. Wesleyan-Arminian against Calvinist and Lutheran displacement in the proper order. Wielding the synergy and will against brethren of differing piety. Only a four point Arminian though. I do declare that God in His righteousness may badly behave as defined by humanity.
Interests I started weblogging and venturing the internet some ten years ago. Although 'blogging has dwindled; i still seek life on the 'blogosphere. Consider me a paleo-conservative. Thus i should note: reactionary, so not postmodern. As a man like myself --a bit of an poet-- i come to terms with my reactionary self: innatist and empiricist (thanks be to God) amidst a society hostile--if even aware that i defy the Countercultures revolt. I reject its institutions; as they reject me. And a culture and system that marginalizes those that have such a tradition ingrained in ones character from my Protestant Fundamentalist God. Only to be squandered... Yet i take my place among the fringe. However the vast majority might show disdain when we stand; as they are proud of the dismantling.