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Gender MALE
Occupation dilettante
Location Bel-Ridge, Missouri
Introduction Nation-states are histories anti-imperial attack. Globalism can only be unified in God under the Papacy as the Roman Catholic Church. Succumbing to the heresy American Gospel, bring only Marxian sentiments to balance this Free Mason, French Catholic, Deist-Unitarian epistemology of the Republic. With its definition and origin to be lacking. And although catering to Protestant sympathies, even though unrepresented officially institutionally -- as only now the ultimatum for even that has ended. Manifest attack on God in 1776, converting only Roman Catholicism. For practical theology, and defined as the Evangelical or as Molin failed: Wesleyan-Arminian against Reformed, Calvinist and Lutheran displacement in the proper order. Wielding the synergy and will against brethren of differing piety. Only a four point Arminian though. I do declare that God in His righteousness may badly behave as defined by humanity.
Interests I started weblogging and venturing the internet seven years ago. Although 'blogging has dwindled; i still seek life on the 'blogosphere. Consider me a paleo-conservative. Thus i should note: anti-intellectual, reactionary, so not postmodern. As a man like myself --a bit of an poet-- i come to terms with my reactionary self: innatist and empiricist (thanks be to God) amidst a society hostile--if even aware that i defy the Countercultures revolt. I reject its postmodern institutions; as they reject me. And a culture and system that marginalizes, those that have such a tradition ingrained in ones character and its God. Only to be squandered... Yet i take my place among the fringe. However the vast majority might show disdain when we stand; as they are proud of the dismantling.