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Introduction A recent comment brought my attention to an issue I was not aware may cause concern to some readers: I curse. The person who made the comment and I have patched it all up, and I understand she didn't mean to be critical, but based on that comment, I thought it only kind to offer these words of warning: I curse. I curse when I write, and, except in front of young ears or where it would make me seem cavemanish, I curse in conversation. Not like a long-shoreman or anything, but I do pepper it up a little bit. Since I write like I talk, the curse words will find their way into the blog entries. I try to keep the blog focused on adoption and/or child rearing themes, but I do swear. Not too much, but there it is. I am also often irreverent. And I'd like to be more irreverent than I let myself be on the blog, but again, the fear of offending, but maybe, after time, that filter will wear off and you'll get the full force of my blasphemous nature. But for now, I'm mostly playing nice. So, you've been warned. If my cursing bothers you, please move along to another blog.