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Location United States
Introduction My deepest desire is to bend the lines that define gender, for my lover and I to experience life and love from each other’s perspective, sharing our needs, fulfilling our wishes, indulging our every illicit desire. A man in a slinky cocktail dress and stiletto heels, voluptuous breastforms swelling his lacy bra, a long silky wig framing his beautiful face. A woman in a suit and tie, hair cut short and sleek, a thick masculine accessory strapped between her long legs. A confident and charming gentleman. An elegant and seductive woman. A romantic evening that surpasses all expectations. Seduction and passion and the thrill of discovery in a candlelit room. Intimacy and ecstasy as two bodies become each other and then unite as one being.
Interests Italian food, French wine, Spanish guitar, cocktail dresses, hosiery, stilettos, gender-bending