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Industry Law Enforcement or Security
Occupation superheroine
Location Metropolis, Delaware, United States
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Introduction I'm Barefoot Kara Zor-L of Earth-2. My cousin Kal-L was the first and greatest hero of our universe. I hope to live up to his legacy. I miss him... I'm presently helping out the Swamp Thing try to catch up with his blog, while waiting for my main group, the Justice Society, to gear up for another revival. Oh, and my full-figured chest is wonderfully popular as ever. Enjoy, boys and barefoot girls!
Interests Super-feminism, helping people saving lives looking *Great* and **SEXY** doing it!

When you've got water stuck in your ear, how do you get it out?

Hey. There's lots of ways! I am the Barefoot Power Girl, after all. Really, the only difficult part in getting wet is getting all the water out of my cape. Why am I wasting my valuable time answering a question like this, anyway?