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Gender MALE
Industry Consulting
Occupation Public Health Consultant/ Health Services and Advocacy for IDU's and the Homeless
Location NYC / Long Island/Suffolk County, New York Air Defense Sector - Suffolk County and Metropolitan New York City, United States
Introduction around NYC and Long Island and see the signs black and yellow triangles pointing down to represent Atomic Fallout, some people don't even know about its meaning , The cold war was far from cold, L.I. had Nuclear Missiles and Nuclear weapons on armed Interceptor aircraft to stop soviet bombers from dropping atomic bombs on NYC and the Defense Industry on L.I.. This And The Civil Defense, The Armed Defense, and The Other Side Of The Fence, This Is History That Can Not be Lost so this blog will try To tell the stories of a dark time, When sirens would howl and we would all await most likely the end underground in places marked with Fallout Shelter Signs, buried beneath the rubble of the buildings above us or be Incinerated in Firestorms , Other Than That Fallout Shelter NYC brings The Local Cold War History in Film, Pictures, Stories, Civil Defense Pics ,Films other Media, Lots Of Propaganda And even Declassified USAF & DOD Films On everything They Detonated Or Trained For Excellent Stuff! So Settle In, Grab A Survival Biscuit, read the posts watch the films and enjoy the Shelter! please write me at falloutshelternyc@gmail.com
Interests Cold War Infastructure, Fallout Shelters, Abandoned Military bases or property, missile silos, all Civil Defense Equipment, signs to Survival Crackers, Radiological Instruments, Cold War Bombers and Interceptors, old photography, History
Favorite Movies The BBC movie The War Game, Threads, Fail safe, the day after, Dr Strangelove, All Declassified USAF, USAR, USN, AEC Atomic Test Films
Favorite Music GOTHIC, Death In June, Joy Division, The Cramps, Bauhaus, OI RAC
Favorite Books Warday, Alas Babylon, On The Beach, Failsafe, The Flight Of The Intruder, Civil Defense Manuals, The Effects Of Nuclear Weapons, The Stand, The Day After World War 3, Threads, The Choir boys, the Blue Knight, Dr Strangelove, Catcher in the rye

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