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Gender MALE
Occupation Retried, thank God
Location Delray Beach, Florida, United States
Introduction I was born and bred in Manhattan, and lived and worked there for fifty-five years before retiring to Delray Beach, Florida, with my wife and very best friend in the world, Wendy. I was a copywriter for thirty-three plus years. That's way more than enough. A terrible student, I never graduated college (unfortunately wasting a ton of my Dad's money...sorry, Dad, wherever you are), but went into advertising at my Father's suggestion (thank you, Dad, wherever you are...) I started writing poetry as a little kid (considered very sissy at the time), and never stopped.
Interests Movies from the 1930s and '40s, mostly; poetry, literature, history (especially the Civil War and WW I), and people...always people, especially the ones with big hearts. Oh, and most important of all: Avatar Meher Baba. Look Him up...
Favorite Movies My God, the list could go on forever. I'll just name my favorite film of all time, a title which I've often given as the secret "anwer" to a security-driven website "question": "Dodsworth, " made in 1936, and starring Walter Huston (father of John, grandfather of Angelica, Ruth Chatterton, and that still-and-always-will-be-beauty to my way eyes, anyway: Mary Astor. Movies and movie acting just don't get any better than this. Look up "Dodsworth" on the International Movie Data Base (IMDB), a wonderful and comprehensive film site.
Favorite Music The Beatles, Bob Dylan, John Coltrane, Pete Townshend, Pam Rubenstein of THE Rubensteins, the three B's (Bach, Beethoven, Brahms), Aaron Copland, Raif Vaughn Williams, Debussy, Wagner (yeah I know, an anti-semite but a mind-blowing composer), Frederick Delius, and...oh forget it...you get the picture (or the audio).
Favorite Books Anything by Dickens, Trollope, Ray Bradbury, Raymond Chandler, Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Wolfe (NOT Tom Wolfe), John Steinbeck, P.G. Wodehouse, all the great poets of the 19th and 20th centuries, especially Francis Brabazon (Meher Baba's favorite poet after Hafiz), and as far as contemporary novels go: Cormac McCarthy...who, in this man's 'umble opinion, is the greatest living writer of prose. Period. Dark, very dark stuff, best left to the written word and not the screen, as any of you know who've seen "No Country for Old Men" and/or "All the Pretty Horses" already know. My No. 1 McCarthy pick is "Suttree"... 400+ pages of most beautiful and magisterial language ever put on paper...except maybe for Shakespeare and the Bible.

"I love you more than you can ever love yourself." Avatar Meher Baba "It's a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it." W. Somerset Maughm. "I made a killing on Wall Street a few years ago...I shot my broker." Groucho Marx