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Introduction For the past thirteen years I have been doing extensive research on the subjects of Religion, Christianity, Gods and Goddesses, the history of the human species, the evolution of the idea of the divine. I have discovered Christianity at the academic level. An understanding that is drastically different than that which you and I were taught as children or that I learned from attending church and Sunday school for the first 57 years of my life. I have discovered that there is (and this is my description) an invisible velvet curtain that hangs between the pews and the pulpit. A curtain that has been erected by both the Church…. and by you and I, the people-in-the-pews. Each for a different reason…. Net result being that you and I are shielded from a lot of important and significant information about religion and of course Christianity. I understand now that there is a huge difference between ‘Popular Christianity’, which is the Christianity of those of us that sit in the pews, and ‘Academic Christianity’ , which is the Christianity understood by the hierarchy of the Church.