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Location Salem, OR
Introduction An Oregon pioneer, me and the missus arrived on The Empire Builder way back in ought-seven to homestead here in the Willamette Valley. We bought our little spread from a young couple that had got wiped out in the panic that year. We found the soil exhausted, even worms wouldn't live in it. We're tending it back to life, putting in our fruit trees and growing gardens where the other settlers have put grass. But, come what may, we're here now. We'll ride out The Long Emergency here in Salem.
Favorite Books The Geography of Nowhere, Home from Nowhere (both: James Kunstler), With Speed and Violence (Fred Pearce), The Weather Makers (Tim Flannery), Beyond Growth (Herman Daly), Boiling Point (Ross Gelbspan), Overshoot (Wm Catton), Plan C (Pat Murphy), Depletion and Abundance (Sharon Astyk), The Long Emergency (Kunstler), Big Coal (Jeff Goodell), Shovelling Coal on a Runaway Train (Brian Czech), The Urban Homestead, A Sand County Almanac (Aldo Leopold), Living Downstream (Sandra Steingraber), Collapse (Jared Diamond)