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Introduction I am a very blessed,lucky person.I have fought many battles in my short life and have won many wars!I am about to face this new challange of"lung cancer".I can only hope that the lessons learned in the past will see me through to the future.This is not the first trial I am facing,and I am sure it will not be my last.I will always respect my life and will continue to do what is neccessary to preserve it. I have since,writing this blog,suffered a heart attack and have had two strokes.I was left basically unscarred on the outside.I am also now operating on just one kidney and am facing a round of biopsies on myovaries and breasts.I still look pretty good for all I have been through.I have had tribulations in the last five years,and I will have trials again.I still believe in believing. Believe
Interests writing, spiritual counselling, learning something new everyday.
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