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Location Alberta, Canada
Introduction A little about me... I'm not as funny as alot of the other bloggers I've checked in on - but I know I use to have a sense of humor if I could only find it. I'm terrified of snakes - so you won't find any snakes on this blog if you're looking. I have some very strong likes which are probably outweighed by some very strong dislikes - but I won't bore you with either of those. I don't have any children - so that category doesn't fall under likes or dislikes either. Not much (of terribly great interest) happens in my life these days - so you should probably check out someone else's blog if you're looking for some excitement. Perhaps once I get all the renovations done to this old barn I'm living in - then I'll have more to talk about than how long it takes paint to dry.
Favorite Music Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman