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Gender Female
Industry Publishing
Occupation Mother/Writer
Location Miami, FL, United States
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Introduction mom, wife, writer, devourer of books, i crush on vintage because of the stories. i try to dance gracefully through life-usually i just stumble. sometimes i wear glasses.
Interests I like: Mojitos, Twinkle lights, Umbrellas, Photography, Chasing Fireflies, Vintage Things, Reading, Piano, Bracelets, Inspiration, Love letters, Balance, Eloquence, Thrifting, Museums, Wine, Salads, Politics, Books, Music That Moves Me to Tears, Swans, Salsa dancing, Journals, Candles, Postcards, Scarves, Chocolate, Vintage clothing, Red wine, Typography, La Playa at Night, Seashells, La Dolce Vita, White Wine, Stars, Flamenco dancing, Keeping Busy, Bubbles, Travel, Converse, Freckles, Nature, Tea Cups, Life, Playing, Graphic design, Magic, Starbucks, Etsy, Sparkly Things, Makeup, Smiling, Moscato d'Asti, Chandeliers, Antiquing, Spain, Decorating, Parenthood, British Comedies, Walking, Cleaning, Love, Sun Hats, I Love the Sound of Pouring Rain Showers & Thunderstorms, Flowers, Swimming, Dancing in My Underwear, Butterflies, Ballet, Spirituality, Music, Movies, Spirited Away, Faries, Literature, Tattoos, Compassion, Waxing Philosophical, The color green, Sunscreen, The Color Pink, Salsa music, Maltese Dogs, Sidewalk chalk, Old Photographs, Crafting, Big Purses, Angels, Clean Floors, Clean Laundry, Blogging I love: My husband, kids, family and friends.
Favorite Movies Sixteen Candles, Dirty Dancing, Dracula
Favorite Music I love all types of music. If it has a beat and I can get my groove on the better! My musical tastes go across the spectrum from country to salsa, rock to hip hop.I totally miss, old school Latin freestyle - we seriously need to have that shit brought back!
Favorite Books Be warned -I devour books. Where to begin..? I love books where the characters become a part of my soul. I love it when I'm reading, or even after I stop and think...I wonder what so and so would do if...Those are the best stories. I also don't mind a good plot twist.

Why does the taste of pennies remind you of losing a tooth?

Ummm. I've actually never tasted a penny. My guess would be that its the copper which must have that rusty taste that blood has. Or perhaps it has something to do with the Toothfairy.