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Introduction The IOC was established at Honolulu, Hawaii in 1995, for both faithful and clergy as a return to the spiritual intimacy found in primitive Christian communities. Therefore, we have deliberately chosen to make our Church small in membership so as to concentrate church polity, our ministry and pastoral outreach within our local community. The INCLUSIVE ORTHODOX CHURCH conforms to its own style. It is neither the intention nor the wish of the Inclusive Orthodox Church to imitate or replicate completely the styles of other churches, whether oriental or occidental. Rather, our liturgy is distinctly American in character. We have chosen not to become a “brick and mortar” church, straddled with expensive overhead costs and often have rented space from other mainline churches. Our Church has encouraged liturgical practices used in the “home church movement.” Particularly here in Hawaii, free space is given for Divine Liturgy and other spiritual events at Annunciation Monastery of Honolulu, by the independent and self-supporting Eremitic Order of Mount Carmel. Church website:
Interests We honor existing Catholic and Orthodox bishops’ ordinary jurisdictions by non-interference, and have avoided both appearances and virtual functioning as a “parallel church” in competition. Our intention is to remain as a small cluster of liturgical Christians. We are in common pursuit of sanctification, acknowledging our dissimilarities and faults, yet all of us propose to live in the Presence of God. Our clergy together with the bishops and laity aspire to act as a small sacramental communion of equals in Christ. It should be a priority of the gladdened Christian heart to care for the poor and sick. We have fostered such a pastoral ministry of healing since our founding as a particular church in 1995. Donations to our Church as a matter of practice are never requested, nor is tithing allowed. All pastoral and spiritual services given by both our hierarchs and clergy are done on a non-stipend basis. Historically, the largest contributors to our Church have been our own clergy who also support themselves financially.
Favorite Movies The INCLUSIVE ORTHODOX CHURCH has not obtained nor is it specifically authorized by any of the patriarchs, nor — being non-canonical — is the Inclusive Orthodox Church under any papal or patriarchal authority or special protection. However, we recognize, respect, honor and pray for all historic, regional and national patriarchal and metropolitan sees. Our Christian community is a unique and particular branch of the Church Universal relative to the larger Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox world of liturgical Christians. The Inclusive Orthodox Church respects and honors as apostolic equals the great patriarchs of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church, among whom two are historically styled as popes. The Inclusive Orthodox Church neither seeks nor solicits any kinds of ecclesiastical approbation or canonical anointment from the Apostolic Patriarchs or any church leaders. Our apostolic succession is historically accurate and legitimate de facto if not de jure by Orthodox Christian, Oriental Orthodox and Roman Catholic church’s canon. Most importantly, our Church practices an authentic Christianity based in faith in God and Christ’s Redemption.
Favorite Music What is Inclusive 0rthodoxy? Inclusive Orthodoxy as defined by the Inclusive Orthodox Church acknowledges that Christianity — from its founding — has thrived on diversity as the Church encountered new cultures, experimented with new ideas (some of which she most properly rejects), developed new liturgies, aligned with political powers, led wars and sanctioned genocide, and divided herself into multiple organizations that vie with one another in the Name of God, which is the highest blasphemy. Inclusive Orthodoxy is the global practice of welcoming into God’s worship and family those against whom other "Christian" churches have cast the publicans aside. Inclusive Orthodoxy within this contemporary global context was first expressed in the West by the founding of the Inclusive Orthodox Church in 1995. Consistent with the charge of the Anointed One, Inclusive Orthodoxy recognizes the fundamental challenge of Jesus teaching. We welcome all who are called to God. Historic evidence shows painfully the shameful failure of many of the catholic and orthodox churches to rejoice in the diversity of their members, a pattern that — unfortunately — continues to the present day. All too often, they have not only cast aside one another, but also their sisters and brothers who worship the same God of Abraham, as do we.
Favorite Books Inclusive Orthodoxy found in Primitive Christianity The Son of God, born Jewish, started a small group of religiously disenfranchised and disparaged people: lower-class fisherman, hated tax collectors, medical healers — considered tainted by contact with the sick, wayward women, immoral and avaricious men. These were not the kind of men with whom good Jewish mothers of 30 CE wanted their daughters—or their sons—to associate! These social outcasts immediately followed the Christ and became His cherished, consistent and loyal disciples unto their deaths. All, except John the Beloved, died as martyrs. The radical spiritual message of Jesus Christ is that every member of the community of believers – not just the Christian majority or any one segment of Christians – all may experience an intimate friendship with Almighty God. In fact, the purpose of men and women on Earth is to live so that they are worthy to be called daughters and sons of God. The mystical experience of transformation is freely offered by God to all persons willing to surrender their guilt to redemption.

The Grace of the Holy Spirit is open to everyone, no matter how great their faults, appearance or differences in lifestyle. Note: The Inclusive Orthodox Church, a Corporation Sole of Honolulu, Hawaii is not associated in any way with the web site: aka “Inclusive Orthodoxy.”